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lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

Happiness Kit in Vancouver!!!!

AN HAPPINESS KIT?: a little bag with iconic objects that remind what brings happiness (the science of Positive Psychology says that). You carry them around, you touch them, you look at them, you start practising a “cognitive reconstruction” which means that practise makes perfect.

MY HAPPINESS KIT? a little bag with some iconic objects that boost happiness will be on sale online for a very reasonable amount of money.
Mostly, happiness kits differ from each other, depending on the country and availability of happiness objects. This is a Canadian kit and it contains:
  1. a plastic ballon: play with your friends,
  2. an elastic: go beyond your limits and be resilient
  3. a little candle: remember about gratitude,
  4. a medal for your achievements: do engaging things
  5. a flower: remeber to savour nature
  6. a playing card, the right card for the game you are playing: be optimistic
  7. an eraser to erase mistakes: practise forgiveness,
  8. an umbrella to protect from over-thinking
  9. a little bunch of flowers for someone: be kind
  10. a calendar to plan: have goals!
  11. a bell: be spiritual
  12. love your body: a spoon to eat good food
The "Centro Social Educacao e Cultura da Rocinha"New Happiness Kit Launch!
Check them out! they are gorgeous!
For info: csecr.org@gmail.com

HAppiness Kit! & Centro Social Educacao e Cultura da Rocinha:

Happiness Kit! has built a new legacy and is now off to help a new group of friends!
Thanks to Titta, Derick, Alessia, Giovanna we will be supporting the Centro Social Educacao e Cultura da Rocinha!!
this is their email for info: csecr.org@gmail.com

lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

About two years ago,
the happiness kit travelled all the way south to Brazil,
to sustain an amazing project
sustain mental health, education and happiness in Rio's favela, la Rocinha.

The kit is still up and running,
in some of the great events organized
by NGO il sorriso dei miei bimbi

check it out!